Dave Lee

Selected writing

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July 2023: Secretive Chatbot Developers Are Making a Big Mistake

June 2023: Apple Has 520 Reasons Its $3,499 Headset Will Prevail

May 2023: A New Twitter CEO Won’t Change Who Calls the Shots

November 2022: Elizabeth Holmes gets 11 years in prison

January 2022: Amazon abandons influence campaign designed to attract staff

March 2021: The fight for a union at Amazon

September 2020: Amazon deletes 20,000 reviews after evidence of posts for profit

July 2020: The return of the American drive-in

March 2020: Amazon auditions to the be ‘the new Red Cross’ in Covid-19 crisis

April 2019: An algorithm wipes clean the criminal pasts of thousands

November 2018: Why big tech pays poor Kenyans to teach self-driving cars

Februrary 2013: Fake girlfriend: I paid for make-believe love on Facebook

April 2012: IsAnyoneUp's Hunter Moore: 'The net's most hated man'