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dave lee: Oculus Rift may not be the future of gaming – but I really hope it is

Photo credit: Oculus VR

I’ve just got back from E3, where the usual suspects wheeled out their hopes for the next few years. If the punters on the show floor are to be believed, it was a landslide victory for Sony.

But I’m no gamer. In fact, my pre-E3 preparation consisted mostly of swatting up on the latest titles that weren’t Fifa, just so I wasn’t completely out of my depth.

Yet even with my lack of knowledge, I don’t think it’s an unfair judgement to say that nothing on the show floor was really mindblowing. Sure, next-gen has gone up a notch, and yup, games are deeper and more immersive than before.

But in one corner of the LA Convention Centre (and I mean corner – upstairs, next to the toilets, room 517), was one of the most exciting technologies I have ever seen.

Oculus Rift has been doing the rounds a bit – it started as a Kickstarter campaign – but it is now primed and ready to go.

For those not famiiar, it’s a virtual reality headset. In one of those rare instances of science fiction meeting the eventual reality, it looks and feels just like you’d expect it to.

It’s a pair of goggles; you put it over your head; and then you look around.

I first tried Oculus Rift at the Consumer Electronics Show at the start of the year. It was held together with black tape, and my slightly googly eyes (I’m short-sighted) couldn’t really get to grips with it.

What’s more, the demo was basic, an uninterative shell of a world. You could look around, yes, but you were essentially just floating about with nothing to do.

Fast forward to E3, and Oculus Rift has moved on leaps and bounds.

For starters, it’s now HD. In standard definition you were always aware of being in a game, looking at screens. In HD, you’re suddenly transported to a new world.

Essentially, all the headset gives you is the power to look around. Movement and control is still achieved by using a controller, a system that feels like a cop-out until you see the alternative – this stupid treadmill, for example.

I had my go during one of the many briefings the creators were giving to journalists. They were running drastically behind schedule, such was the level of excitement in each briefing – and the makers’ willingness to talk about it at length and with gusto.

While wearning the device, the technology was being explained to me.

I wish I could tell you more about it … but I was distracted by an enormous beast. It looked to be sleeping, but as I edged closer to it, he burst into life – and I legged it.

Which brings me to my main point here: Oculus Rift makes games utterly, utterly terrifying.

Think about it – with today’s titles, you never come face-to-face with anything. The screen always adds that degree of removal, the thing that stops it feeling too real.

But when you’re wearing that headset, it’s deeply (and addictively) unsettling. It changes how you play. It triggers fight or flight immediately, when typically games have only ever managed to inspire fight.

The makers told me that when they’ve observed people playing some demos, they noticed they instinctively smile back when characters smile, and will maintain eye contact if another character is speaking to them. To start looking around – as we often do during dull dialogue in games – would just be rude.

The Rift team had two rooms set up at E3. One for journalists, one for potential clients. The stream of people in and out of both was constant. While I waited (they’re the only company that weren’t able to see the BBC quickly), I observed several teams from major companies arrive for a meeting, as well as an excited man from Epic Games chattering about the big demo session they had arranged for the next day.

While I was having my briefing, a major figure from video gaming turned up at their room keen to discuss business – the identity of which it would be unfair to disclose, lest I scupper a future deal which could have massive implications.

The team is undeniably smart. They’ve built the Oculus Rift with lofty ambitions, but have been able to advance to that goal in positive baby steps.

One early task has been to figure out how to make it as easy as possible to create compatiable games for it, and there seems to be two stages to this: most games will work with the Rift, but to truly make the most of it, games designers will need to code in special optimisation.

To aid this, they’ve taken something of a wholesale approach – working with Epic to get Rift compatiability built-in to Unreal Engine 4, a foundation upon which many brilliant titles are being made.

Games aside, one demonstration placed the wearer in a cinema theatre, watching a movie. Pretty pointless – why not just watch a film on your own screen? – but it did highlight the Rift’s telepresence potential.

I asked them if they had any serious plans in this area – they coyly said they couldn’t talk about it, but were in advanced discussions.

I don’t know if Oculus Rift, or something like it, will change gaming. I just really, really hope it does.

dave lee: The *real* cost of games consoles

Here’s a clever little project from a Dan Emery, a BBC colleague of mine.

He’s compared the costs of games consoles against the UK’s average earnings at the time. Using this method, the original Playstation stands out as being the most expensive of the majorly successful consoles, while Nintendo has launched machines at consistently good value.

(click to enlarge)

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 23.08.26

dave lee: [Updated (again)] A week’s work experience at the New Statesman or the local paper? That’ll be £1000

A couple of weeks ago I was at the lovely Olympics Ball – a fantastic event designed to raise money to support British athletes over the coming years.

There was a silent auction with many impressive lots – an experience here, a dinner there.

But it was lots 75, 76 and 77 that stood out , all with starting bids of £1000.

Each were for a week’s work experience at three different publications.

The first was a week at the New Statesman.

“You will have the chance to contribute your ideas and writing to their hugely popular website,” it promised, adding: “Travel not included.”

Lot 76, a week with FHM. The lucky bidder (or rather, the lucky bidder’s son or daughter, you’d presume) is able to shadow another member of staff and do research.

But it was lot 77 that was arguably the most depressing. £1000 for a week’s experience in sports journalism – with the Cambridge News. The paper will “endeavour to enable the budding writer to attend a live match with one of our journalists to watch how the paper covers sport as it happens”.

That live match would likely be at Cambridge United, a struggling non-league team (I’m allowed to say that – I’ve supported the desperate sods for more than 10 years).

It isn’t the first time opportunities like these have been offered in exchange for cash. But what strikes me here is the type of publications willing to take part.

“Work experience aids success,” wrote a New Statesman editorial back in April.

It made reference to an Ofsted survey of apprenticeships and placements that concluded “employers surveyed said that the number of students they could accommodate on placements was restricted”.

I asked the New Statesman about the placement and was assured that the winning bidder wouldn’t be replacing a non-paying placement position. It would be an additional role.

But cash-for-contacts skews an already elite-heavy industry even further, and it makes me deeply uncomfortable.

Jobs openings in journalism are depressingly finite – and for each person who gets a nose-in thanks to the depth of their family’s pockets, a good, poorer journalist loses out.

If the New Statesman, FHM or Cambridge News wanted to help the British Olympic Association, they should have offered a gesture that wasn’t of harm to the industry.

(And if you’re a student journalist desperate to spend time with the press at Cambridge United, I’d suggest simply asking the club – they’re very accommodating.)

Update: Apparently the FHM placement went for £3,000.

Another update: Those kind (ahem) folks over at Media Guido are giving this the proper treatment. They quote Intern Aware as saying: “Most people can’t afford to work for free and even fewer people can afford to pay thousands of pounds for the privilege of interning. The New Statesman should be ashamed of operating a practice than puts opportunities out of the hands of hardworking and talented young people.”

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