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On assignment in Nairobi, November 2018

I am the BBC’s correspondent in Silicon Valley. This is my personal blog where I (mostly) write about how the media covers technology, but also how technology is changing the media. Oh, and robotics.

>> In August 2019 I had the pleasure of discussing my career on the Media Masters podcast. Listen to the episode here.

Selected work:

In fighting deep fakes, mice may be great listeners (August 2019)

An algorithm wipes clean the criminal pasts of thousands (April 2019)

Matter of fact-checkers: Is Facebook winning the fake news war? (April 2019)

Thrown to the wolves: The women who drive for Uber and Lyft (January 2019)

Tumblr’s porn ban abandons the marginalised (December 2018)

Why big tech pays poor Kenyans to teach self-driving cars (November 2018)

Contact me:

If you have a story tip you should email me: dave.lee@bbc.co.uk (or reach me securely on Signal: 628-400-7370). Reach me even more securely by mail:

Dave Lee
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