Coronavirus in the Bay Area is on the up (among white people)

Black and brown people were worst hit during the first coronavirus waves in the Bay Area. But, the Chronicle reports, things seem to be balancing out:

“The trend is emerging weeks after counties began easing restrictions in many places, including reopening indoor dining and increasing capacity at gyms and places of worship. That prompted many residents to let their guard down and expand their social bubbles, county health officials said.”

That’s one theory. Here’s another:

“The participation in testing sites is declining,” [Omar Carrera, chief executive officer of the nonprofit Canal Alliance] said. “People don’t want to get tested for multiple reasons — misinformation, lack of trust. The economic burden is so big that people feel, ‘Because I have no symptoms, I don’t have the need to go get tested. Because if I get tested and I’m positive, I’m not going to be able to work for two weeks. I might even lose my job.’

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