Here come the Apple tariffs

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg reports on the arrival of more US tariffs, significant in that it will have a deep effect on America’s richest company, Apple: Here’s a list of Apple products that will be hit by 15% tariffs starting this weekend: Apple Watch and Watch bandsAirPodsHomePodSome Beats headphonesIMac computersRepair parts for iPhones may also […]

Nintendo should make a smartphone

I’m looking at this: …and I’m thinking: yes. Yes I want this. I’m also thinking: stick a sim card in there! Why Nintendo hasn’t explored the avenue of a gaming-centric smartphone? Of course it’s been tried before by others with poor results (remember the Ngage?), but of all the companies that could produce the hardware […]

Who should be the voice of Beeb?

Intriguing news from my employer today: the BBC is launching its own voice assistant. It won’t compete with Alexa or Google, the Guardian reports, but will instead be a voice interface to interact with BBC software on smart TVs and similar. The theory goes that a BBC-made voice assistant will understand English accents better than […]

‘Silicon Valley’s Chinese-style social credit system’

This excellent piece in Fast Company doesn’t necessarily tell you anything you don’t know already (Uber and AirBnB rate you, insurance companies keep data etc) but bunching it all together as a troubling trend was a terrific idea by Mike Elgan, who writes: Many Westerners are disturbed by what they read about China’s social credit […]

Start spreading the Knewz

WSJ: News Corp is developing a news-aggregation service meant to address concerns that Alphabet Inc.’s Google News and other digital platforms don’t reward publishers’ work adequately and play down articles from certain types of sites, according to people familiar with the plans. “Ok lads, we need a name.”“Oh I dunno, ‘news’?”“Well we can’t just call it that, can […]

Google leaves no room for dessert

Google’s cutesy era of naming versions of its mobile operating system after desserts is over. The company insists it has nothing to do with the fact there are no desserts that begin with the letter Q, which is where they’re up to now. Google’s Sameer Samat, head of Android product management and hater of desserts, […]

Won’t somebody think of the children?

No, seriously: In Scott County, teachers and staff are on standby. To make sure a child doesn’t go home to an empty house, bus drivers have been given strict instructions to have a “visual reference to a parent or guardian” before they drop the student off. If there is not a parent home, the child […]

Ideas for saving local journalism

The New York Times has a piece today looking at four distinct ideas for saving local journalism (though not necessarily local newspapers). Of the four, it’s the first – philanthropy – that feels most likely to me: The local media ecosystem of the future must have a much bigger role for nonprofit media and philanthropy. We […]