The Guardian on Google’s ‘white-collar sweatshop’

The Guardian’s Julia Carrie Wong continues to stand up for the hidden tech working class, with a revealing piece about the contractors being used to power Google’s AI. She writes: “It’s smoke and mirrors if anything,” said a current Google employee who, as with the others quoted in this story, spoke on condition of anonymity […]

Craig Newmark on The MarkUp

The MarkUp, a tech publication mostly funded by Craig Newmark of Craigslist fame, has had a rocky start – its acclaimed editor Julia Angwin said a month ago that she was forced out, and criticised a change of mission at the publication which pledged to use data-driven journalism to hold tech firms accountable. Five more […]

The Verge: Why the hell is the ‘race to 5G’ even a race?

Good point, well made by The Verge’s Nilay Patel. Why do people refer to the development and proliferation of 5G as a “race”? [T]he stakes of this supposed race are wholly unclear. What happens if we win, besides telecom execs getting slightly richer? More importantly, what are the drawbacks to coming in second, or even […]

Judith Kerr, 1923-2019

My memories of Judith Kerr’s enchanting work are vivid. For a time, in our house, the tiger came to tea every day. It was the first book I was able to read from start-to-finish unprompted, unassisted, and—this blew my mind—in my own head. Like so many around the world, The Tiger Who Came To Tea […]

EA shows off incredible hair render demo

EA has shown off a remarkable montage demonstrating the company’s advancements in realistically rendering hair within its game engine, Frostbite. It instructed developers to work on “hair shading, scattering, smoothness and volume”, according to this piece on BBC News. Here’s the result: Wonderful. We’ve certainly come a long way since the early days of Fifa, […]

Affordable life isn’t a ‘gift’ to be applauded

On the one hand, Robert Smith’s choice to pay off the student debt of those in Morehouse College’s Class of 2019 is a remarkable act of generosity. But, writes the New York Times Editorial Board, what it mostly does is act as a reminder of the massive failings that have led to today’s vast income […]

What happens to Huawei without Google

AndroidCentral’s Andrew Martonik with an insightful break down of what will happen to Huawei if, as is currently the case, it cannot work with Google: Many companies have tried to make Android devices without the Play Store, and while there are a number of success stories across the technology space in general, there’s nothing but […]

The ‘China is the real issue’ argument

“While people are concerned with the size and power of tech companies, there’s also a concern in the United States with the size and power of Chinese companies, and the realization that those companies are not going to be broken up.” — Sheryl Sandberg, speaking to CNBC Where Sandberg will struggle with this is that […]

CNBC: Facebook finding it harder to hire

CNBC reports: Among top schools, such as Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and Ivy League universities, Facebook’s acceptance rate for full-time positions offered to new graduates has fallen from an average of 85% for the 2017-2018 school year to between 35% and 55% as of December, according to former Facebook recruiters. The biggest decline came from Carnegie […]