Russia’s new tactic in its war against the internet

In a video confession published by the S.B.U., Ukraine’s domestic intelligence service, a man it identified as the Russian agent said that he resided in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, and that his Russian handlers had ordered him “to find people in Ukraine on Facebook who wanted to sell their accounts or temporarily rent them out.” “As […]

The electric Porsche is almost here

Roadshow’s Tim Stevens: And now, here it is: a real, functional Taycan. No, the cars you see here are not final production units, as they’re still lacking many final features and details — minor stuff like air vents and rear seats. And, as you can tell by the camouflage, Porsche isn’t quite ready to let […]

Does Silicon Valley care about journalism?

You’d certainly think so, by the way they’ve been talking lately. Yesterday, Google announced its initiative to fund local news by spending “many millions” on what are essentially grants to news orgs. On Monday we heard how Apple thinks its News+ service would help sustain quality journalism. And Facebook is, well, trying something or other. […]

Uber ’employee’ backs driver’s strikes ahead of IPO

I am an Uber employee and I support the drivers’ strikes. So begins this “open letter” from an Uber employee—who Medium says has been verified—writing about the driver strikes happening right now. The timing is no coincidence. Lyft begins trading on the Nasdaq on Friday, Uber will hit the NYSE next week. The letter begins: […]

Google’s Pichai meeting with Joint Chiefs chairman on Wednesday

Bloomberg’s Mark Bergen has some details ahead of Google boss Sundar Pichai’s meeting with Gen Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It’s expected to take place on Wednesday: The internet giant extended the invitation after criticism from Dunford about Google’s artificial intelligence work in China, which he said “indirectly benefits the Chinese […]

A huge dinosaur hunt is getting underway

The BBC’s Jonathan Amos writes about a massive dig taking place in Wyoming, led by British researchers: In this particular part of North Wyoming, the scientists will get access to a unit, or formation, known as the Morrison. “These were deposited from about 157 million to 145 million years ago,” explained the NHM’s Dr Susannah […]

Two feuding YouTubers take fight to the streets

A couple of popular German YouTubers, who by all accounts didn’t like each other very much, organised a meet-up for their fans in the same place, at the same time. A mass brawl broke out, Gizmodo writes: According to Berlin police, about 400 people arrived in support of Bahar Al Amood or ThatsBekir, and a […]

WSJ reportedly on board with Apple’s news subscription service

Mike Isaac at the New York Times: The Wall Street Journal plans to join a new paid subscription news service run by Apple, according to two people familiar with the plans, as other publishers chafe at the terms that the Silicon Valley company is demanding of its partners. The report goes on to reiterate what […]