3D printing using light

A quirky approach to 3D printing from UC Berkeley that crafts light-sensitive goop into complex (if not yet particularly attractive) objects. From a press release: Nicknamed the “replicator” by the inventors — after the Star Trek device that can materialize any object on demand — the 3D printer can create objects that are smoother, more […]

NYT: Maybe only Tim Cook can fix Facebook’s privacy problem

On a day when Apple dramatically revoked enterprise access for Facebook, the New York Times’ Kevin Roose looks at Apple’s power in an increasingly impactful row over what it means to offer users privacy: The move is the clearest sign yet that the cold war between Facebook and Apple over data use and privacy is […]

MIT’s Jenga-playing has the delicate touch

Robots are far superior to humans in many respects, but they struggle greatly with something we all do instinctively: picking things up and putting things down. There are various research projects ongoing that look at the issue of creating robotics that can handle intricate objects on the fly. I looked at one effort from Autodesk […]

Facebook to employees: Don’t panic!

The fall-out from TechCrunch’s scoop on Facebook’s market research practices is getting more serious by the moment, and there are signs Google might get dragged into the debate as well. The most immediate problem for Facebook is losing its enterprise developer access – a move which has rendered many of Facebook’s internal, business-critical apps useless. […]

For the first time, male cheerleaders at the Super Bowl

At this Sunday’s Super Bowl, Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies will make history as the first male cheerleaders ever to appear at the event. CBS News has the story: Jenn Padilla and Emily Leibert, two other cheerleaders, were floored. “There was a bit of shock at first but then you realize it’s nothing new and […]

Chinese censors hurt Apple’s bottom line

The Verge pulls out an interesting detail from the Apple earnings call: Apple says it lost revenue due to China’s temporary ban on approving new video games last year. The financial hurt from the censorship of iOS mobile games was one of the many reasons Apple cited for its $4.8 billion revenue decline in Greater China during […]

Elon’s year, as told by his air travel

Wonderfully inventive angle from the Washington Post. It dug up flight records from Elon Musk’s private jet, revealing a year of heavy, globe-spanning travel. From the story: Musk’s jet logged more than 250 flights for his work, pet projects and vacations across Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East during a year when he […]