#Twinning was spilling your data

Seeing a timeline of people merrily uploading their photos to Popsugar’s #Twinning app yesterday prompted me to go full Scrooge: So we're giving Popsugar a nice big facial recognition database? Is that what we're all doing now? — Dave Lee (@DaveLeeBBC) December 31, 2018 But, after poking around at Popsugar’s privacy policy, there was nothing […]

An unusual sight at an Apple store: a discount

Rumours of the iPhone’s (and therefore Apple’s) demise have often been greatly, hopelessly exaggerated. But there is plenty in this piece from USA Today to chew over. It begins: Apple has for years been a premium brand that rarely, if ever discounted products. Period. Every year, the company could raise prices on products, and consumers […]

The Essential Phone is essentially dead

You know, I had high hopes for the Essential Phone when I tried it out in August 2017: We’re on the mezzanine, and [Andy Rubin, creator] has the phone in his hand. There’s no logo on it, or indeed any branding whatsoever. It’s made from titanium, which is lighter and stronger than the aluminium most […]

Instagram accidentally updates app 

Instagram surprised lots of people with a massive update, one which didn’t go down well at all. Engadget: If you opened up Instagram today and found that your timeline orientation was totally switched, you weren’t alone. It appears that quite a few users had a timeline that moved left to right, where posts could be tapped […]

Recovering a once-lost Sim City

A miracle at Christmas – the long thought lost NES version of Sim City. The game is unfinished, but playable thanks to the Video Game History Foundation: This version of the game was thought to be completely lost or, at best, confined to some deep dark archive inside of Nintendo’s offices. Either way, the game […]

Facebook’s Kaplan wanted Daily Caller as fact-checkers

Good run down from the Wall Street Journal about the input of Joel Kaplan, a chief policy advisor at Facebook. As the only high-profile conservative at the company (other than Peter Thiel, who is of course a board member), Kaplan has a significant say in how Facebook tries to appease those that accuse it of […]