“What’s with the Honda?”

It’s a shame that Jeff Bezos has hidden himself away from media interviews in the last few years, instead favouring the set piece, highly-controlled “fireside chat”.

I say a shame because he’s clearly an engaging man. I’m sure Amazon’s at-times prickly PR team wishes they could put him on camera more often. Here’s a nice moment from a 60 Minutes airing back in 1999, doing the rounds today on Twitter:

AOC on Twitch

Over the course of around three hours on Tuesday, more than 700,000 people checked out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s debut on Amazon’s Twitch. Or, in other words:

I’ve had the discussion many times about what happens when popular streamers decide they want to go into politics. We’ve seen it with some members of the alt-right.

Much more interesting, though, is what happens when politicians decide they want to go into streaming. There’s small window here: too much gaming will reflect badly on the country’s most in demand congressperson in a district that needs all of her attention. But still, grasping these platforms unlocks an entire generation of voter.