The making of a computer-generated influencer

File this one under “depressing trends that will grow in 2019”, I think. From today’s Wall Street Journal: Miquela Sousa, who recently graced billboards from London to Japan as part of an Ugg advertising campaign, ticks off all the boxes for a model of the moment: She is exotic, attractive and huge on Instagram. She […]

Aussie teens with no tech knowledge produce hit app

If I was launching a social app, I’d put 100% of my publicity effort into finding the right celebrity ambassadors – and let the press coverage happen organically, which it certainly will. Case in point: Two totally-green app developers, Business Insider writes, used a “break” from studying law in Sydney to drum up the kind […]

Huawei arrest puts ‘bullseye’ on Apple

A second day’s hearing has come and gone, and still no decision on whether or not Meng Wanzhou will be granted bail. China’s anger is building. In this piece for BBC News, I assess one company that might find itself in the crosshairs: The fallout from her arrest will surely mean, at the very least, […]