Close race for Prop 22

Keep a close eye on the vote for Prop 22, the gig economy’s fight to keep its workers as contractors. It’s arguably more interesting here, in deep blue California, than the presidential contest. Latest polling, via San Jose Mercury News:

The poll found that 46% of likely voters said they would vote yes [pro Uber/gig economy cos] on the measure, while 42% said they would vote no and 12% said they were undecided. In a sign that the blitz of ad spending is having at least some impact, a mid-September poll on the measure found only 39% of voters on the yes side and 36% in opposition, with a quarter undecided. Republicans are more likely to support Prop 22, while Democrats are more likely to reject it. And while voters in most regions of the state support it, the poll shows the measure trailing by 20 points in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It needs 50% to pass. The spending blitz — $200m for the “yes” campaign, versus $20m for “no” — should see it home, if precedent is to go by. The five previous mega-money battles in the state all followed the cash’s wishes. The limited polling we have suggests the Yes campaign has been picking up many of the undecideds in the past couple of weeks. Via Ballotpedia:

(With apologies if that looks bad on mobile)

But, there are nerves at Uber over the wording on the ballot. For less informed voters, it may be the first description they’ll see — and it paints an ugly picture. It reads: “EXEMPTS APP-BASED TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY COMPANIES FROM PROVIDING EMPLOYEE BENEFITS TO CERTAIN DRIVERS.”

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