Twitter’s rather ill-advised ad campaign in San Francisco

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Twitter’s advertising campaign, whereby it stenciled tweets onto the city’s sidewalks, may well have broken the law. Reporter Ryan Kost quotes Rachel Gordon, spokeswoman for San Francisco Public Works:

“That’s not the use of the sidewalks,” she said. “We can go and document them. If they don’t remove them immediately, we’ll send a crew to remove them and charge them.” Gordon added, “Our sidewalks are not to be used for commercial billboards. Twitter has the resources to use appropriate venues to advertise their company.”

Here’s how they look:

To be clear – it’s chalk, not spray paint. But still, some of the placements – in the highly-troubled Tendorloin district, where the city’s high levels of homelessness are most apparent – are being seen as lacking in taste.

It reminds me of the time AirBnB was so annoyed about – god forbid – paying its taxes, it posted these passive-aggressive (or maybe just aggressive) ads around town: