Apple Watch sleep tracking

Today on 9to5 Mac:

9to5Mac has learned from sources inside Apple that the company is working on sleep tracking for the Apple Watch, which won’t require any special hardware to work. The new feature could be announced as early as next week when the company is expected to announce the next generation iPhones and possibly a revised Apple Watch with titanium and ceramic options.

Now, I’m not one to get into the whole “if Steve Jobs was still with us” cliche if I can help it, but sometimes it’s hard not to. There’s an obvious problem with using Apple Watch for sleep tracking, and Apple’s apparent solution is, on what we know so far, laughable:

One of the issues with wearing an Apple Watch during sleep is that many users choose to charge their Apple Watch at night. Apple thought about this and developed a feature that will remind users to charge their Watch beforehand so they can get through the night.

Elsewhere in the piece it mentions a function that would allow people who own two Apple Watches to designate one as the sleep tracker while they charge the other.

9to5 Mac says we’ll perhaps hear more on 10 September when Apple holds its annual iPhone event.


The WSJ’s Joanna Stern, arguably the best consumer tech reporter in the country right now, doesn’t share my concern:

I can understand this perspective – the Series 4 Apple Watch will last two days if for some reason you don’t charge it one night. But then, sleep tracking is only useful if you do it day in, day out – so I’m still not convinced.