Who should be the voice of Beeb?

Intriguing news from my employer today: the BBC is launching its own voice assistant.

It won’t compete with Alexa or Google, the Guardian reports, but will instead be a voice interface to interact with BBC software on smart TVs and similar. The theory goes that a BBC-made voice assistant will understand English accents better than the American-developed tech in use already.

The BBC’s team is turning to richly-accented BBC employees up and down the country to record a diverse range of voices.

The big question, though:

The name Beeb was chosen as a working title after comparing several potential wake words for the software. Although it is likely to be voiced by a single individual, no decision has been made on who this will be.

Who will be the voice of Beeb?

The obvious contenders for me:

– Moira Stewart, though a large number of Brits may consider her to already be the voice of, er, HMRC.

– Terry Wogan, as there’s surely enough archive material to be able to generate this?

– David Attenborough, obviously

– Zippy, Bungle and George, on rotation

– Barry Davies, as it’s already proven he can put his voice to absolutely anything and make sense of it

– Keith from The Office

– The sun baby from the Teletubbies, now in her mid-twenties

– me

So many possibilities.

Actually, maybe one possible contender for the voice of Beeb could be Jon Briggs.

He was the man who did the between-rounds voiceover on the Weakest Link, and was an announcer on Radio 2. He’s also known, though, to British iPhone users as the first voice of Siri…