UK kicks Huawei can down the road

As had been expected, the UK’s verdict on whether Huawei can be trusted to provide telecoms infrastructure has been delayed. The reason? America’s move to place Huawei on the entity list of banned companies.

BBC News:

Mr Wright said the US decision “could have a potential impact on the future availability and reliability of Huawei’s products, together with other market impacts, and so are relevant considerations in determining Huawei’s involvement in the network”.

Last week, MPs said the government needed to make a decision on Huawei as “a matter of urgency”, warning continued delays were damaging international relations.

As Rory Cellan-Jones points out later in that piece, the indecision is of great concern to the UK’s mobile operators who may need to rip out and replace some Huawei equipment that is already installed. With this latest delay, the decision will now be made by the next Prime Minister – who also has the small matter of Brexit to deal with.