Thoughts on Facebook’s plan for a TV device

The Information*’s Alex Heath with an exclusive on Facebook’s plans to create a TV set-top box: The device, which Facebook is aiming to release this fall, will use the same video-calling technology that is in Facebook’s camera-equipped smart speaker, called Portal, which has a screen of its own and is designed to sit on kitchen […]

Be patient with the LA Times’s low subscriber numbers

Nieman Labs has some interesting analysis around the low digital subscriber numbers for the LA Times, which currently stands at fewer than 200,000, compared to 2.7m New York Times paid members, and 1.7m for the Post. There is a business to be had selling digital subscriptions to newspapers. But it’s a business dominated by two […]

New driverless shuttle injures elderly man

A new driverless shuttle is being tested in Utah. In what was called an “incredibly unfortunate incident” by the state’s Department of Transport, an elderly man was hurt: Gene Petrie, 76, was thrown from his seat Tuesday when the autonomous shuttle came to a sudden stop. His face hit a handrail near the door, bruising […]

UK kicks Huawei can down the road

As had been expected, the UK’s verdict on whether Huawei can be trusted to provide telecoms infrastructure has been delayed. The reason? America’s move to place Huawei on the entity list of banned companies. BBC News: Mr Wright said the US decision “could have a potential impact on the future availability and reliability of Huawei’s […]

On the French tech tax

I appeared briefly on PRI’s The World earlier today to talk about the implications of France’s new tech tax, and the subsequent investigation by the US. Listen to it here. Ultimately, France seems keen to make this the starting point for global tax reform, rather than standing alone (for now) in taking on this issue. […]

The picking apart of Netflix

This piece, by CNBC’s Todd Haselton, looks at AT&Ts plans for expanding HBO’s on-demand offering – a move that will pull even more content off Netflix. This is the final paragraph of Haseton’s piece: The service is just one of many new streaming products set to launch in the coming years. Disney’s $6.99/month Disney+ will […]

Connecting Glasto

Good quick read on Wired UK about the logistics behind getting the Glastonbury Festival – a temporary town of around 200,000 people – connected to mobile networks: The key part of each site is the antenna. In most built environments, antennae are installed on rooftops, but this isn’t possible in a field. Instead, they are […]