Smartphones might be making our skulls develop spikes

Zaria Gorvett, writing for BBC Future, on how a “curious spiky growth” on the back of the head, once a rare condition, is becoming increasingly common:

What the scientists found was striking. The spike was far more prevalent than they had expected, and also a lot more common in the youngest age group: one in four people aged 18-30 had the growth.

Why could this be? And should we be concerned?

Shahar thinks the spike explosion is down to modern technology, particularly our recent obsession with smartphones and tablets. As we hunch over them, we crane our necks and hold our heads forward. This is problematic, because the average head weighs around 10 pounds (4.5 kg) – about as much as a large watermelon.

Really puts a whole new meaning to the phrase “we saw a spike in user engagement”, doesn’t it?