What happens to Huawei without Google

AndroidCentral’s Andrew Martonik with an insightful break down of what will happen to Huawei if, as is currently the case, it cannot work with Google:

Many companies have tried to make Android devices without the Play Store, and while there are a number of success stories across the technology space in general, there’s nothing but a long line of failures when it comes to smartphones. It simply isn’t reasonable in 2019 for any company to launch a phone outside of China without Google services and expect it to actually sell. It can have the best cameras, hardware, specs and core operating system we’ve ever seen, but unless it has Google’s apps, and crucially the Play Store, effectively zero people will be interested in buying it. I’m sure Huawei can (and does) make a fine phone with all of its own services — but if it intends to compete in a market filled with 100% of phones having access to Google services and the Play Store, it has to have them as well.

It almost goes without saying that this is terrible news for Google as well. Huawei is the fastest growing smartphone maker in the world – shipments are up 50%, year-on-year, at a time when the overall market is in decline. Google wants to be on those phones.