Craig Newmark on The MarkUp

The MarkUp, a tech publication mostly funded by Craig Newmark of Craigslist fame, has had a rocky start – its acclaimed editor Julia Angwin said a month ago that she was forced out, and criticised a change of mission at the publication which pledged to use data-driven journalism to hold tech firms accountable. Five more editorial staff followed her.

Today, Craig Newmark announced that Sue Gardner and Jeff Larson – the other two founders – had departed:

Coincidentally, I was at Newmark’s house today. I was there to interview him about his philanthropic efforts to save “the immune system” of democracy, as he puts it. (Journalism, in other words).

That interview will be on the BBC in various forms in due course, but here’s what he said about The MarkUp.

This evening, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Angwin is in talks to take over now that Gardner and Larson are out.