Samsung’s phone suffers some breaking news

Here’s my latest for BBC News pulling in reports of Samsung’s fantastical new folding phone having some rather big, and embarrassing, issues:

We’re still waiting on a statement from Samsung about this. But it’s a significant setback to the company’s hopes of wowing the world with what, on first glance, was a very impressive feat of engineering.

How big a disaster is this for Samsung? I don’t think it can be easily dismissed. If this breaks for reviewers, it will break for consumers. Ergo, it’s not ready—as many had suggested might be the case. Huawei must be delighted.

It’s been a couple of hours since the first reports of iffy devices, and Samsung is still yet to comment. It needs to if it’s to get on top of the bad press here. Something tells me there might be a disconnect between its US and South Korean press teams—we saw that happen a lot during the good old exploding battery days.

A tiny bit of relief for Samsung, though, comes via the WSJ’s Geoffrey Fowler: