Death threats left online for good reason, Twitter says

A shocking Twitter “moment” that circulated on Monday highlighted dozens of instances of obvious hate speech towards US congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

What was most disturbing, aside from the comments themselves, was the fact they seemed to remain on the platform so long. But, Buzzfeed’s Alex Kantrowitz writes:

Twitter would’ve typically taken down the threatening tweets once they were reported, but the company left them up to enable potential law enforcement collaboration, a source close to the company told BuzzFeed News. The Capitol Hill police are working on the issue, the source said.

The incident highlights Twitter’s flawed approach to dealing with death threats on its platform. Instead of reporting death threats to law enforcement as a policy, Twitter simply deletes them. This means its users can make these threats with little fear of retribution, since the tweets usually disappear before police can review them.

Here’s a question: Are you telling me Twitter’s engineers aren’t capable of devising a system to get around this glaring issue?