A huge dinosaur hunt is getting underway

The BBC’s Jonathan Amos writes about a massive dig taking place in Wyoming, led by British researchers:

In this particular part of North Wyoming, the scientists will get access to a unit, or formation, known as the Morrison.

“These were deposited from about 157 million to 145 million years ago,” explained the NHM’s Dr Susannah Maidment.

“The formation has been extensively studied to the south, producing all of your favourite dinosaurs that you could name when you were seven – the likes of Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Brontosaurus and Allosaurus. But we’ll be in the north, which has been much less studied, and which it’s suggested might hold slightly different creatures.

“So we’re hoping to find animals that have never been seen before.”

The new discoveries might fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge about evolution, the team hopes.