Amazon argues quality over quantity in battle against Netflix

As someone who has endured several Netflix comedy “specials” recently, I can only say I’m fully on board with limiting the amount of new in favour of the amount of good when it comes to piling content onto on-demand platforms.

The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Jennifer Salke, who, as head of Amazon Studios, is responsible of commissioning/buying up films that appear on Amazon Prime. From the piece:

In her interview with THR, Salke never mentioned Netflix. But she talked often about “the competition,” and she is positioning Amazon as different in some key ways, including the smaller size of her film slate, which she expects to amount to about 10 theatrically released movies a year, and 20 direct-to-service titles, as opposed to 90 movies due from Netflix in 2019.

Salke’s three key film executives, Matt Newman, Julie Rapaport and Ted Hope, who all share the title “co-head movies,” brought a large team to their Sundance meetings, including their marketing and publicity departments. Agents describe stark differences between sit-downs with Hollywood’s two leading streaming companies. “Netflix likes to come in and talk about their service,” says one agency source. “Amazon comes in and talks about your movie.”

Now, quality over quantity only really works if you do indeed come up with quality. Arguably, Netflix is currently achieving both, though I do think there is a ceiling at which point customers feel overwhelmed by new content appearing each time they load up the app.