Wired: London’s skyscrapers are fighting back against YouTube rooftoppers

Great read in Wired about the struggles the owners of London’s tallest buildings are having preventing so-called “rooftoppers”.

These are the people who break into buildings, head to the roof, and post a variety of usually dangerous videos to YouTube or similar. James O’Malley writes that the law wasn’t written with this kind of behaviour in mind:

“What surprises many people is that trespass is in the main a civil offence,” explains Bryan Johnston, head of real estate litigation at law firm Dentons. “What this means is that the police cannot take immediate action to remove a trespasser from private land. What is worse is that the owner of land risks committing a criminal offence if they try to remove trespassers.”

Of course, without an audience, and monetisation opportunities, these kind of stunts would soon stop happening so frequently. If you search YouTube for “rooftopping” right now you’ll see plenty of examples, with millions of views, making presumably a lot money from ads.