We’ve hit peak hard drive. Now what?

A terrific, plain-English piece from Amy Nordrum, writing in IEEE Spectrum, about the conundrum facing the big players in the hard drive industry.

Simply, manufacturers have, for decades, been able to squeeze more data storage into same area at a rate of around 40% per year. No longer, Nordrum writes:

Everyone who works on magnetic storage is well aware of this problem, but only in the past year or so have executives from Seagate Technology and Western Digital, the leading manufacturers of hard drives, very publicly split on how to solve it.

There are now two trains of thought – and the big players, Western Digital and Seagate, are of an opposing view. A bet that is worth billions (24 of them, Nordrum writes).

Read the piece. It’s the most interesting thing you’ll ever read about hard drives, I promise.