Walkies app Wag demands silence in exchange for paying for dog’s cremation

Technology companies are notorious for keeping bad news under wraps with Non-Disclosure Agreements, but this seems… very wrong.

Wag, the app that pairs dog walkers with dogs needing a walk, offered to fully compensate a couple whose dog died while on a walk – but only if they agreed to not speak of the incident to anyone. BBC News:

The couple were told by a Wag representative the company would “take care of all of the expenses, such as Winnie’s cremation”.

The company then issued the couple a non-disclosure agreement forbidding them from speaking about the incident.

“We could not leave any negative reviews. We could not make posts on social media. We could not hold Wag or the walker responsible,” Mr Moore wrote.

Now, of course, the Streisand Effect is in full force. An arguably foolish move from Wag given, on the whole, I think people would expect that accidents will always happen.

Wag’s statement stressed the company had a strict vetting process, but didn’t go on to explain why it required silence in order to properly address the couple’s loss.