Tech’s lobbying in 2018 hit new heights

The Washington Post’s Tony Romm (who else?) has written about the staggering amount spent by technology firms on lobbying last year, according to pubic disclosures.

The biggies – Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft – spent a combined $64m. Romm continues:

The tech sector’s most prolific spender was Google: It shelled out more than $21 million last year to lobby Congress, the White House and key federal agencies on issues including online privacy, an analysis of the disclosure reports shows. That marks a new record for the search giant, which spent roughly $18 million in 2017 — more than any other company across all industries — to influence policymakers in the nation’s capital.

For context, last year Google spent $18m. Why the jump? You may have noticed the revolving door of congressional hearings that had the bosses of these firms dragged in front of lawmakers. Big Tech knows they are going to be regulated, and so they are investing big in making sure the pendulum falls as close to their side as possible.