Salvador Dali’s AI clone will welcome visitors to his museum

From Engadget:

A team from Goodby Silverstein & Partners used footage of Dali to train a machine learning system on how to mimic the artist’s face, and superimposed that on an actor with a similar physique.

The Daily Telegraph’s tech newsletter jokes that this is AI stealing yet another job – that of Dali, who presumably would have relished the chance to show people around a museum about himself. But now, thanks to AI (and the fact he’s been dead for 30 years), he’ll no longer get the chance.

This technique of finding a body-a-like to recreate people could be effective in this setting – though it will be difficult to mimic the mannerisms of Dali accurately.

A similar technique was used to create a “hologram” of Michael Jackson. It’s good at first, very striking. But the longer it goes on the more you realise something just isn’t quite right.