Researchers: Microsoft Bing not only shows child pornography, it suggests it

Josh Constine in TechCrunch on what appears to be a sickening, shameful failure on Microsoft’s part to police its Bing search engine:

When researchers searched for “Omegle Kids,” referring to a video chat app popular with teens, Bing’s auto-complete suggestions included “Omegle Kids Girls 13” that revealed extensive child pornography when searched. And if a user clicks on those images, Bing showed them more illegal child abuse imagery in its Similar Images feature. Another search for “Omegle for 12 years old” prompted Bing to suggest searching for “Kids On Omegle Showing,” which pulled in more criminal content.

We talk often about how stopping this kind of content is a cat-and-mouse game, with those determined to cover their tracks constantly coming up with new methods/coded phrases to avoid attention.

But if this report is accurate, Bing was serving up this material with obvious terms that Microsoft should be able to control.