‘I’m With Them’ provides resource for those harassed at work

If 2018 was about exposing grotesque wrongdoing, here’s hoping 2019 can be about putting systems in place minimise the chance of workplace harassment happening again.

Today, a site called I’m With Them launched. Axios’ Ina Fried explained how it works in her (excellent) morning newsletter:

– People register with I’m With Them, which works with a third-party service to authenticate the identity of those reporting misconduct.

– They report what happened to them and who perpetrated the action.

– If reports reach a “critical mass” around a perpetrator, the site shares the victims’ emails with one another.

The site was made by a husband and wife team: Scott McGregor, former CEO of semiconducter giant Broadcom and his wife, Laurie Girand. Girand has a strong record of consumer and victim advocacy.

This isn’t just for the tech industry, but you can see how it has been built with some high profile tech cases in mind. In the sweep of venture capitalists swept up in the #metoo movement, it was clear that one of the reasons they were able to get away with their behaviour was because the women involved were isolated, working at different firms in different cities, perhaps even different countries.

I’m With Them, if successful, is a step towards solving that problem – a chance for victims to share their experiences, privately.