How Netflix works

This post on Medium didn’t so much blow my brain as shatter it into tiny pathetic pieces.

(I’m pausing here because, in the process of writing about this, I’ve now noticed this post was published in 2017. I’m carrying on. It’s good.)

Here’s the deepest of deep dives into how Netflix content gets to your eyeballs:

What isn’t as simple is what goes into running Netflix, a service that streams around 250 million hours of video per day to around 98 million paying subscribers in 190 countries. At this scale, providing quality entertainment in a matter of a few seconds to every user is no joke. And as much as it means building top-notch infrastructure at a scale no other Internet service has done before, it also means that a lot of participants in the experience have to be negotiated with and kept satiated — from production companies supplying the content, to internet providers dealing with the network traffic Netflix brings upon them.

I remember the days when a Netflix movie would arrive *in the mail*. A simpler time. But not a better one.