FT: Spotify planning $100 in-car device

Financial Times:

Spotify’s device will sync to car stereos via Bluetooth connection, as well as preset buttons that correspond to Spotify playlists, according to people briefed on the plans. The device would also allow people to control the player by voice, these people said. The experience would be similar to how they might access music on Amazon’s Echo speakers but uses the company’s own in-house “Spotify Voice” system, which it began to add to its smartphone apps last year. Spotify aims to charge about $100 for the product, making it cheaper than most brand-name car systems.

You know, just yesterday I was thinking about how difficult it is to use Spotify in your car, even when you have the so-called “premium” experience. My car has Apple’s CarPlay, and navigating Spotify beyond the very basics is very tough.

In contrast, using Spotify at home, via Alexa or Google Home, is a breeze. In fact, it’s probably my primary use of those devices.

Bringing that functionality to the car is both great for consumers and likely a lot safer. At around $100, it’s cheap enough for people to try out without too much concern.

Also, at that price, I suspect it will be dangled as a freebie for new subscribers. All in all, this sounds like a very smart idea from Spotify.