Chinese censors hurt Apple’s bottom line

The Verge pulls out an interesting detail from the Apple earnings call:

Apple says it lost revenue due to China’s temporary ban on approving new video games last year. The financial hurt from the censorship of iOS mobile games was one of the many reasons Apple cited for its $4.8 billion revenue decline in Greater China during the 2018 holiday quarter, with the company generally pointing to the country’s economic slowdown.

Obviously, Apple’s 27% revenue drop in China can’t all be attributed to this. But it does speak to the wider barrier to doing consistent good business in China.

Apple’s earnings were, on the whole, pretty positive – but only because investors had been primed for a bad bad quarter.

Services continue to boom and, as most predicted, the Apple Watch seems to have had a very good Christmas. We don’t know for sure how much of $7.3bn “wearables and accessories” sales were the Watch, but it’s a fair assumption to say it’s a very large part. The sector is now bringing in more than the iPad.