Big on Snapchat this year

Snapchat’s Business team has written a post about what’s going to be popular in 2019 based on a few overhanging trends from 2018. While it’s mostly predictable – memes are going to get more popular, they say – I do think it’s interesting to read how behaviour of every day people on Snapchat is being discussed in the same manner we’d talk about celebrity trends in eras gone by. Here’s what’s going to be big in the world of teen fashion, per Snapchat’s analysis:

In 2019, female teens are planning to put forward a more “natural” look for their appearance. Expect to see more bobs and a “clean and fresh” makeup look. Teens are also leaning into vintage styles, and they’re looking forward to trying on color-coordinated, tie-dyed, and neon clothes in the new year.

I did learn something, though. “YKTV”. You Know The Vibes.

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