Ashley Feinberg to Jack Dorsey: would you ever delete Twitter?

The Internet’s Ashley Feinberg has interviewed Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey.

Like Feinberg, I’m amazed he agreed to this. But I’m glad he did. I’d encourage you to read the whole exchange as, if nothing else, it really exposes Dorsey’s lack of clear thinking on the solutions to what many refer to as the “hell site” that is Twitter.

My favourite back-and-forth is the kind of questioning most journalists wouldn’t go near as it seems preposterous – but we do learn something about how Dorsey views his creation.

Here it is:

AF: Is there any situation at all in which you would decide to delete the site?

JD: Now I remember why I unfollowed you! Because that’s all you DM me, “delete the site.”

Well, that’s … Maybe half the time.

But how is that going to help?

That’s the question, though. Is there a situation where you would just decide that it’s better to be free of this?

Should we just delete all the negative things in the world?

Are you saying Twitter is a negative thing?

Well, that’s what you’re assuming when you say that.

Not necessarily.

What would you use if we deleted it?

I don’t know, I’d have a lot more time on my hands.

What would you do with that time?

I really can’t even begin to imagine.

I just … I don’t think it’s constructive. I’d rather hear constructive ideas on what we could fix. We get a lot of complaints. We get a lot of issues, and they’re all coming from a good place of good intent. But we have to dig under and figure out what the patterns are that we need to prioritize and fix. Because we can only do so much at once. So when somebody constantly tells me, “delete the site,” it’s just not helpful. Whereas other folks tell me, “Hey, you know if you do this one thing you would just have a massive impact.”