The ACLU is worried about Amazon’s doorbell plan

The ACLU is already working overtime on facial recognition issues, the group has already exposed flaws with Amazon’s Rekognition system.

Here’s their latest concern – plans from Amazon to add the tech to doorbells with the intent of spotting “suspicious visitors”:

While the details are sketchy, the application describes a system that the police can use to match the faces of people walking by a doorbell camera with a photo database of persons they deem “suspicious.” Likewise, homeowners can also add photos of “suspicious” people into the system and then the doorbell’s facial recognition program will scan anyone passing their home. In either case, if a match occurs, the person’s face can be automatically sent to law enforcement, and the police could arrive in minutes.

The ACLU goes on to explain how, based on what little research we have on these systems, current facial recognition technologies are less accurate when looking at people with darker skin.