Meng Wanzhou back in court

Here’s my brief report heading into Monday morning:

(BBC World Service, first aired 10 DEC 2018, 0500GMT)

As I mention in the report, this crisis is deepening with every hour Meng remains in Canadian prison. Over the weekend, Beijing summoned both the Canadian and US ambassadors, reiterating its view that there will be serious repercussions for both countries if Meng is not released.

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We also learned this weekend, via now-public court documents, that Meng was briefly treated in hospital for severe high blood pressure.

The US is doing what it can to distance this arrest from the trade talks that are ongoing with China. On Sunday, US trade representative Robert Lighthizer went on CBS’s Face the Nation programme, saying:

“This is a criminal justice matter. It is totally separate from anything I work on or anything that trade policy people in the administration work on.”

However, he did later concede he “can understand from the Chinese perspective how they would see it that way,” referring to Chinese accusations the timing could not have been a coincidence.

US/Canadian prosecutors have been keen to point out that the Eastern District of New York had issued an arrest warrant way back on 22nd August, way before these latest US-China trade talks. Though of course, tensions with China were already growing before the summer.

The hearing will start at 10am PT (6pm GMT, 1pm ET).