Jack Dorsey responds to criticism on Myanmar trip

Jack Dorsey’s recent tweets about a meditation retreat in Myanmar went down poorly in several quarters. New York Times

Mr. Dorsey now faces a backlash from critics who described his travel missives — which included a description of how he used his Apple Watch in airplane mode to track his heart rate during meditation and rest — as politically tone deaf.

On Tuesday, he tweeted about the upset:

For what it’s worth, I tweeted some admiration about Jack’s trip – I thought it was impressive to see a chief executive taking such an isolated break from work (and he really was – I had a couple of meetings at Twitter while he was away and staff, with some element of fluster, said they didn’t have a way to reach him).

A colleague (and others) criticised me for that view: 

Quite right too. On reflection – for both Jack and me – perhaps the intention was overshadowed by ignorance about the statement made by visiting the country at all.