Huawei arrest puts ‘bullseye’ on Apple

A second day’s hearing has come and gone, and still no decision on whether or not Meng Wanzhou will be granted bail.

China’s anger is building. In this piece for BBC News, I assess one company that might find itself in the crosshairs:

The fallout from her arrest will surely mean, at the very least, an even more difficult relationship for the handful of US tech giants that have found great fortune in China. In particular, Apple, the poster child for US tech success, and a company that relied on China for 20% of its revenues this past year.

Today’s hearing was mostly focused around the lengths to which Meng’s defense team is going to in order to convince the judge she is not a flight risk. This piece in Bloomberg outlines what was being offered as a bail bond: around C$15m, combination of real estate and C$1m cash.

That didn’t seem quite enough to satisfy the judge who suggested it should be C$15m entirely in cash. Prosecutors say that kind of money may seem a lot, but not to a person as wealthy and connected as Meng.