Aussie teens with no tech knowledge produce hit app

If I was launching a social app, I’d put 100% of my publicity effort into finding the right celebrity ambassadors – and let the press coverage happen organically, which it certainly will.

Case in point: Two totally-green app developers, Business Insider writes, used a “break” from studying law in Sydney to drum up the kind of buzz Silicon Valley veterans dream of:

Australian twin sisters Colina and Hripsime Demirdjian decided to take a break from studying law at Sydney’s Macquarie University to create their first app, Moji Edit.

Moji Edit allows users to create and personalise an emoji of themselves.

The 24-year-olds weren’t prepared for the response. At one stage the app was ahead of Pokemon Go and celebrities started picking it up and tweeting about it.

The app got more than 500,000 users in four weeks. It featured in the UK and Ireland as Hot App of the Week, ranked #3 in Free Utilities in the US and was Canada’s #2 in free Utilities.

The key point there is the celebrity involvement. Celebrity use – not just endorsement – is the real fast track to making things happen.